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Jessica McGuire, LCPC, Owner

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC)

Have areas of your life become stressful, overwhelming or seemingly unmanageable? Together, we will work together to identify your strengths, barriers, and areas of concern in your life and establish a plan to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Whether you struggle with negative thoughts, stress, mental health symptoms, addiction, feelings of inadequacy or finding balance in your life, I am able to help. Through a specifically tailored approach, unique to your individual needs and goals, you will become empowered with the tools and skills needed to progress in life.

Therapy is best when both the therapist and client collaborate to establish and work towards treatment goals. Throughout treatment, I promote stress management, self-care, and positive thought processes through the utilization of cognitive restructuring, thought challenging, and developing positive coping skills.

I have experience working with individuals, families, and couples with diverse cultural backgrounds in various phases of life. I have worked with clients who experience depression, anxiety, substance abuse, domestic violence, low self-esteem, relationship issues, anger, and legal issues.